How much can you get in a scrap car?

Selling a scrap vehicle is not a daunting task, but deciding how much you can get for it can be a complex one. But if you are planning to sell your scrap car, then possibly you might be expecting to get the best possible price for it.

Basically, there is no one-shot solution for determining the cash for scrap cars. But most of the Cash for Cars Companies assess junk cars on the basis of following factors-

  • Its manufacturing year, make and model
  • Condition and location of the vehicle
  • Current state of scrap car prices

In most cases the cash paid by these companies may vary from $8,000 – $10,000. But the above mentioned factors help used auto buyers to a great extent in estimating the amount of cash they can pay for your junk automobile.


To know more about how to determine the amount of cash you can get for your wheels, go through the below listed points.

Assessing the True worth of your scrap vehicle

Usually, most of the people think that their old clunker is worthless. But it is not so, even those automobiles, which are scrapped or have one or more parts missing can get you good cash. All you have to do is figure out its true worth. This is the most crucial thing one should do before selling a vehicle. It is because the true worth of a junk automobile plays an essential role in determining how much you will get for it.

Although we have already mentioned few factors which help Auto removal companies in estimating the value of your wheels. But the market value of the automobile and the cost of repairs which these companies have to incur in making the vehicle functional again also play a major role.

Once you determine the worth of your wheels, you can start searching a reliable Scrap car removal company in your area.

How to find the true worth of your vehicle?

To find the fair value of your salvaged wheels, you can also take help of certain reputable Car valuation sites like Redbook.  But as we have already discussed, there are certain factors which play a major role in determining the current value of your automobile.

  • Where the vehicle is located-

The location of a vehicle is vital in determining its worth. Other than this, the popularity of the model of your automobile, your nearness to the junk yard and the territorial value of scrap also help in the assessment of its worth.

  • Year, make and model of the vehicle-

Although there are people prefer to drive a classic or antique wheel these days, but still the demand is not always the same. This is because most of the models are updating from year to year i.e. Automobiles are becoming eco-friendly and fuel efficient.

  • Condition of the vehicle-

This point is very easy-to-understand as everyone knows a clean and smooth running junk wheels can be easily sold for a good value. As auto removal companies will be able to extract functional components from them and sell for great price.

  • Current rate of scrap

It is the most crucial factor which helps in estimating the value of a scrap automobile. This is because the current market value of scrap will help in deciding the scrap value of your wheels. Even if the automobile is in good condition, but the ongoing scrap rate is down, one will not be able to get good cash for it.

The above mentioned points will definitely help you get fair value for your wheels. However, if you are still not able to make good money out of it then also don’t worry. You can still sell its working parts or components of a best possible value.