How to get cheap car parts?

It’s not unusual for people on the hunt for replacement parts for their vehicle to be outraged at the steep prices they encounter when they shop at the normal places such as dealerships and the like. Say you find a part that only cost a few dollars for the manufacturer to make. Buying it new at the dealership, you will find that the price has a five-thousand percent premium on it.

There is nothing wrong in buying the used auto spare parts as far as you are getting it from the right spare parts dealer. On the other hand, we must use the second hand parts for the environment purpose. Check out the importance of auto parts recycling for our environment.

How do car manufacturers get away with this? Because your average bloke on the street doesn’t actually know that this gap between price and manufacture cost exists. The important thing for anyone to do when they want to buy something like this is to do a lot of shopping around. Here are some handy and helpful hints on how to get quality car parts at the most affordable prices.


Undertake Serious Research

Go online and look up these online car parts. You can find all kinds of different websites if you type into the search engine the part you are looking for as well as the specific make, model and year vehicle the part is for. See if anyone is selling it second hand. See how much they want for it and compare prices.

Verify the Car Part

You need to get confirmation of the part number by getting in contact with the auto spare part dealers and relaying that part number to them so that they can confirm it. And this has to be done before you buy the part. The reason being that if you don’t do this important part of the part buying process, the part you are buying may not be compatible with the unique engine and transmission combo that you have on your vehicle.

Be Sure to Negotiate

You will want to negotiate, and if you have done your research on the price of the part you are after then you can gain the upper hand. Just make sure that you are being honest and polite. If you have found one dealer that has a part for a cheap price, you may be able to get your preferred dealer to price match.

Go to Online Forums

Go into online forums and see what petrol heads are saying about parts in general and what to look out for when buying second hand parts. The advantage with using this technique is that when you are on the hunt for unique or rare parts, this is almost a form of crowdsourcing. You are enlisting the help of other people from all over the world. Once you have found the part you can have it shipped to your location.

Another place to try online is your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. That way you can reach your friends and family and their close social ties to you will provide them with an incentive to help.

Buying a cheap car parts online is getting much easier than a few years back. At the end of the day, it’s up to you if you want to spend a whole lot for something that you could save money on instead.


Five Car Parts That Can Be Recycled

Vehicle maintenance is an inescapable fact of life for every car. A lot of this damage fixing involves the replacing of car parts that have stopped serving their purpose due to wear and tear. The usual suspects that qualify for this include the batteries, the tyres and so forth. This, of course, is a good thing. You want your vehicle to be running optimally at all times so that you can extend its overall lifespan.


The next phase in the life cycle of the part that got replaced is recycling. For example, the very materials that go into the manufacture of these components can come from the melted down remains of other components. The following is five things in a car that need to be recycled at some point if a clean green environment is our collective goal.

The Car Battery

Batteries a jam-packed with materials that are toxic to the environment, like lead acid. Fortunately, they are incredibly easy to recycle. They certainly don’t belong in a landfill. There are companies who make a living out of recycling automobile batteries, and there are plenty of scrap yards who recycle car batteries as well.


Over half of your average automobile is made of steel. All of it can be melted down and subsequently used to make anything that is made of steel. Classic recycling. Scrap Metal yards are in the business of receiving massive amounts of steel and recycling it. It is of great benefit to the environment, and if you sell your car to a Perth Auto Wreckers who will make sure to then sell the steel to a scrap metal yard you will also be helping yourself to get cash.


Rubber is an extremely useful material, but it’s not useful sitting in a landfill, and they are non-biodegradable. There are plenty of ways that the rubber material that a tyre is constructed with can go on to have a second life, often as crumb rubber. This has many uses, one being as a cheap filler, and can also be used to make rubber asphalt and shoe products.

Oil Filters

A sure fire way for adding pollution to the environment involves throwing away oil filters, due to the toxins that are in the oil that goes through them. The metal that they are made of can be recycled easily, as can the residual oil that they have in them. Find your nearest metal recycler and bring the oil filter with you so you can give it to them in the grand tradition of oil filter recycling.


Last but certainly not least in our wee collection of recyclable components is the oil. Motor oil has a lifespan of about three months. Synthetic oil gets slightly more, but it’s more expensive. This means that the vehicle you rely on for transport goes through a fair bit of the stuff through the years. It gets recycled when you have it changed professionally, so you need not worry too much.

The environment is still a hot button issue these days, but there is hope that people will collectively turn things around and steer us all onto a path that will benefit our children and their children as well. Recycling is an important element in that equation. This is especially true with auto recycling.

Aftermarket parts vs OEM parts

OEM parts stands for original equipment manufacturer parts. As the name suggests, parts that are called OEM parts are parts that are made by the manufacturer of the car that you own. So if you purchase a brand new BMW, the parts in it will all be OEM parts. They have been designed and manufactured with your brand new BMW in mind.

Aftermarket parts, however, are not produced by the manufacturer that made the car. The materials used to make OEM parts are also used to make aftermarket parts. But it is a different company that makes them. They are made to generic specifications, so they can fit in a wide variety of models and makes. So there may be minor differences in look and feel to OEM parts. This can affect quality for better or worse.

Aftermarket parts vs OEM parts flyer

The price difference between these two categories of car parts tends to favour the aftermarket parts, with OEM parts being more expensive in general. But they do normally come with some sort of warranty. Unless you buy auto used parts.

When taking the vehicle you own in for much needed repairs, lest your car break down completely and need to go to the auto wreckers, whether you take it to a dealership or an independent mechanic usually dictates whether or not aftermarket or OEM parts are going to be used. Here are some pros and cons for why or why not you may want to choose one of these options.


Aftermarket Parts


Auto parts are, the more economic choice, after second hand car parts. They don’t cost as much. The difference in value goes fluctuates according to brand, and it’s safe to say that the cheaper apart, the more likely its quality is compromised.

The good news is that aftermarket parts can be better than OEM parts, and the reason behind this is the fact that aftermarket manufacturers take part in the practice of reverse engineering. This allows them to locate any flaws and weaknesses and eliminate them from the equation.

Because of the sheer volume of aftermarket part manufacturing companies, there is an amazingly large variety, and the selected size is therefore much greater, with the range of prices being accordingly expansive.


Because there is such a variation in quality, as was stated before, they can be better than OEMs, but the reverse may also be true. Materials of a far lower quality may have been used, driving the price of the individual part down. This is why it is good to be aware of prices that are too good to be true.

The tyranny of choice comes into play when there is such a large variety of options that the buyer can be overwhelmed, which has the habit of making the decision making process grind to a halt.

OEM parts


Convenience is a huge advantage with this category of car part. You don’t have to do any research on brands or quality, you just go to a dealership, ask for a specific part, and you can be rest assured that the part you get will be perfect for your vehicle. Because it was made with your specific automobile in mind.

You also don’t need to worry about the quality. The part will be exactly what the car needs. It will be made of the best materials and will work the exact same way as the original manufactured parts.


They will cost more.

You can’t go into any old store and buy an OEM, you need to go to a dealership. This is restricted as to the variety of places you can go.

The quality could be inferior to an aftermarket part, despite being more expensive. This is truer now then it was a decade ago. Aftermarket parts are better now than they have ever been.

Hopefully this will make one more aware of the difference between these different categories of car parts, and in conclusion it really depends on a lot of variables, and it pays to do plenty of research on different brands when going for either option.

9 handy tips for Buying Tyres

Tyres are the only point of the whole car that makes contact with the road. No matter how amazing and safe the rest of your car is, if the tyres are bald, you are in extreme danger of dying.

When making an informed decision on what tyre to buy for the used cars, most drivers are not at the optimal education level to make the best choice. So here are a few tips that will come in handy for those lovely afternoons down at the car tyre shop.


  1. Know the basics of tyres

Tyres carry all the car’s weight, provide a cushion from a bumpy road, and they’re full of compressed air. They’re made up of over 20 parts, including an inner liner, fabric belts, steel belts and the outer rubber container.

The tread pattern differs, depending on the type of tyre, and the side of the tyre is called a sidewall, and the size of that decides whether the tyre takes corners more easily, or is better at absorbing bumps.

On normal cars and light trucks, the dimensions of a tyre are described using a code on the sidewall, which usually starts with either a P or an LT.

  1. Choosing the right tyre for your needs

When checking out the code on the side of the tyre, it will help to know what the letters and numbers stand for. The letter P stands for passenger, and LT stands for light truck. You will also want to purchase a tyre with the right type of tread. Have a talk with your cheap Toyota auto spare parts dealer and tell them all of your requirements and they will be sure to point you in the right direction.

  1. Best place to buy the tyres

The most costly place to get tyres is from the dealership that you buy your car from. It will cost upwards of twice as much as from your average tyre shop.

It’s probably more economically pragmatic to get your tyres from the tyre shop. Or even better would be any discount tyre shop. The clue as to why is in the name of the shop. They won’t mount the tyres though, if you want that done, you have to find a normal tyre shop.


  1. Driving habits and personality

Keep these variables in mind: The kind of tyre your owner’s manual tells you to get; Whether or not the tyre you want is for passengers or light trucks; How you like to drive and what the weather conditions are like in your area.

  1. Tyres production technology

Today’s tyres are a far cry from yesterdays. Way back in the 20’s they aren’t full of air, so they never got flat. Today’s new tyre technology is attempting to make tyres that are just as impervious to punctures, using state of the art tyre technology.

  1. Keep fuel economy in mind

Getting the wrong tyre can affect the fuel economy of your car. To avoid this, when replacing old tyres, get the same type of tyre that originally came with the vehicle.

  1. New or second hand Tyres

Used tyres are cheaper than brand new tyres, but they need to be assessed as to how worn they are. If you are living anywhere around the lower north island, then try buying second hand tyres Wellington from Kiwi Auto Wreckers, an impressive example of reusability.


  1. Selecting Tyres Based on Tread Wear

The Tread has to be a certain depth (no less than 1.5mm), and can be checked using the 20 cent test, where by you place the 20 cent’s edge into the tread and if you can see the whole 20 the tyre is no good.

  1. Follow the advice of the car manufacturer

The vehicle manufacturer recommends the tyre sizes for their vehicles, and choosing a different one can spell disaster. Changing the size of the tyre can make for a different speedometer reading. And if you have an automatic transmission, changing your tyre size will have an impact.

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5 handy hints for selling your car to the auto wreckers

Car wreckers play an important part in our community when it comes to recycling cars. Part of that process is dismantling the vehicle and selling the individual parts second hand. This is great for people who like to work on maintaining their cars at home, and for mechanics who want to save a bit of money by buying second hand.

If you would like to get your parts second hand from a scrap yard or car wrecking yard, here are 5 handy hints for making the business transaction a positive experience for everyone, including the Car Wreckers Perth.



The seller will try to get as much money as possible for the part that they got through scrap auto recycling. Don’t take it personally, second hand sellers of anything are unscrupulous by nature, and you always have to be ready to haggle when doing business with them. Be confident, and don’t be shy to tell the dealer “no” if they refuse to play ball.

Compare used price to the new price

Sometimes the price for a part brand new is cheaper than the same part second hand. This comes with the fact discussed above that auto salvage junkyards are very smart at making money. If you go in knowing this, and knowing the limits, and knowing what the prices are brand new, than you will be going in very well prepared indeed. Being well prepared for things has been known to be a great quality in a person, so always remember that when you are preparing that in a sense you are making yourself a slightly better person.


Call them on the phone before going there

The local auto wreckers love receiving telephone calls, in between giving out cash for old cars, especially calls regarding what type of spare parts they have and what price they have put on those parts. You’ll be astounded at the differences in prices for the exact same item. The cost of the trip to and from there can be added to the amount of money you have saved.

Shop around

Visit and call all the auto wreckers, scrap yards and second hand part dealers in your area, and see which ones have the best price. Don’t be afraid or shy, as we are talking about major savings.


Check online

The online spare part industry is a treasure trove of great and cheap and inexpensive spare parts. You can spend hours razzled and dazzled by the range on display. Don’t be afraid to spend all your hard earned cash on as many spare parts as you can get your hands on.

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Checklist for buying a family car

In the world of cars, family cars are a class of their own. They have been with us since both families, and cars have existed, and we all share memories of being dropped off and picked up from school in one. Not to mention the family trips. All of these wonderful memories were made possible by the humble family machine.

And now those very children who were raised with this marvel of human design and ingenuity have themselves grown up, and have families of their own. There are so many used cars to buy, but when looking for a family vehicle that will serve them in a manner that is even better than the one they fondly recall, what should be in their checklist of attributes?


Safety should be a priority

No-one wants to put their family in an unsafe automobile. When it comes to safety for your family, you will probably want the best. This includes such amazing safety features as Electronic Stability Control, child window locks, seat belts that are adjustable, and special systems in place for child safety seats that insure the seats are properly anchored. Get in touch with the cash for car removal guys to get more safety tips.

Good Mileage

Bigger vehicles guzzle more fuel, so you need to cool your jets when thinking about how huge you want your family wheel. Bigger cars such as SUVs aren’t safer, in fact, studies have found that the illusion of safety one experiences when behind the wheel of a big car makes them drive more dangerously. So unless you have ten children, get a machine just large enough to meet your specific requirements.

Other than Good Mileage, make sure that the vehicle’s auto parts should be easily gettable. You should be able to pick a part on your own and book it easily online.

If you care about the environment you might like the idea of these new-fangled hybrid automobiles. You will of course have to pay for the electricity.

Manual transmission cars don’t use as much has as automatic, so there’s another option.

Other features

The family wheel will probably have a lot of eating takes place in it on those long family trips, so getting a vehicle with upholstery that is of the darker variety means that the inevitable stains won’t show up as easily. Avoid using cheap car tyres, better to get the brand new ones when it comes to the family safety.

You could also splash out and get a DVD player and TV screen in the back for the kids to watch.


How much does it cost?

This all depends on a few variables, such as whether you are buying brand new or second hand, and how good you are at negotiating prices. The main one though is how rich you are. If you have millions, buy the most expensive machine you possibly can. Why not? You have millions of dollars. If you are not a millionaire, you might want to consider looking at your budget and deciding how much you can afford to pay a month.

You can lower the cost by trading in an old machine as well.

I will conclude by saying that a family vehicle is the must have family item, and if you are instead planning on buying a tiny sports car instead, think of how upset your children will be when you tell them they have to walk to school each day because their parents are selfish people.

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When to replace a car battery

In order to run at all, cars need a constant source of energy. Some of that energy is supplied by the ever trusty car battery. Unfortunately, much like all energy sources, there is a finite amount of it. Even the Sun is expected to eventually run out of juice. But while the Sun has billions of years left, your car battery isn’t so lucky. The life expectancy is about 1 to 4 years, depending on how often you use it. Counter intuitively, the more one uses it, the longer it lasts, so driving daily is important in getting the most out of it.

Old Battery

Either way, though, the battery is going to run out one day. But before it runs completely dry, there will be tell-tale signs to look out for. For instance, you might be preparing to drive somewhere to buy cheap tyres in Auckland one day and notice, while starting the motor, that it is sluggish in turning over your engine. This will be occurring even if the battery is fully charged.

Another warning sign to consider carefully is seeing that the little light saying “check engine” is appearing. It can very well be a sign that your car battery is reaching the end of its glorious car powering life, and it’s time to head to car buyers in Auckland to get a used which is in good condition or new one.

If you are experiencing these warning signs, then it’s time to take the whole car to a mechanic. Ask the mechanic to check it, and the mechanic will also check the vehicle recharging system.

There are ways to maintain your car battery. Cleaning the terminals with a wire brush and a little water will stop corrosion occurring. Corrosion creates electrical resistance. Also make sure to clean the battery surface. Another important way to keep the battery in top condition is to regularly drive the car so that the battery stays charged.

Of course, as stated above in the first paragraph, nothing can stop the eventual death of any battery, at least until technology solves this problem, but now you will be equipped with the knowledge to deal with this problem when it comes.