5 handy hints for selling your car to the auto wreckers

Car wreckers play an important part in our community when it comes to recycling cars. Part of that process is dismantling the vehicle and selling the individual parts second hand. This is great for people who like to work on maintaining their cars at home, and for mechanics who want to save a bit of money by buying second hand.

If you would like to get your parts second hand from a scrap yard or car wrecking yard, here are 5 handy hints for making the business transaction a positive experience for everyone, including the Car Wreckers Perth.



The seller will try to get as much money as possible for the part that they got through scrap auto recycling. Don’t take it personally, second hand sellers of anything are unscrupulous by nature, and you always have to be ready to haggle when doing business with them. Be confident, and don’t be shy to tell the dealer “no” if they refuse to play ball.

Compare used price to the new price

Sometimes the price for a part brand new is cheaper than the same part second hand. This comes with the fact discussed above that auto salvage junkyards are very smart at making money. If you go in knowing this, and knowing the limits, and knowing what the prices are brand new, than you will be going in very well prepared indeed. Being well prepared for things has been known to be a great quality in a person, so always remember that when you are preparing that in a sense you are making yourself a slightly better person.


Call them on the phone before going there

The local auto wreckers love receiving telephone calls, in between giving out cash for old cars, especially calls regarding what type of spare parts they have and what price they have put on those parts. You’ll be astounded at the differences in prices for the exact same item. The cost of the trip to and from there can be added to the amount of money you have saved.

Shop around

Visit and call all the auto wreckers, scrap yards and second hand part dealers in your area, and see which ones have the best price. Don’t be afraid or shy, as we are talking about major savings.


Check online

The online spare part industry is a treasure trove of great and cheap and inexpensive spare parts. You can spend hours razzled and dazzled by the range on display. Don’t be afraid to spend all your hard earned cash on as many spare parts as you can get your hands on.

Get in touch with “Sellmycarfast” team – Leading Cash for Cars Auckland owned dealers.



Recommended Auto Wreckers (junk yards, recyclers, salvage) in Lower Hutt, Wellington?

I am the senior automotive entrepreneur at Kiwi Auto Wreckers and I have been asked by so many friends and random customers regarding the most recommended scrap auto recyclers in Lower Hutt, Wellington, who could pay the fair cash for scrap cars and offer free auto removal through Wellington or the lower north island.

Being a loyal employee working in Kiwi Car Wreckers Wellington – one of the most popular and trustworthy junk yards and salvage yards in the lower north island. I would highly recommend everyone to use their junk removal services.


Also, if anybody got a used or broken car that you want to sell for the top cash, then sell your car for the top cash to Kiwi Wreckers and you will be their next happy customer.

Here are few top services at a glance:

Responsive and helping staff members

Whenever, you want to deal with someone – responsiveness and the friendly services are highly preferred by most of the people. Kiwi Auto Wreckers crew members are very polite and deal with you to the point which is time saving and part of the great business deal.

Paying top cash for junk cars in Wellington

You can expect up to $15000 cash for cars and other unwanted vehicles and light commercial vehicles. Please make sure that you have the vehicle’s engine’s Chassis number handy before getting in touch with Kiwi Auto Removals.

Free Car Removal through lower north island

Yes, this is a huge plus when someone can remove your vehicle for free of cost and pay you cash by sitting at your couch. On the top of that, you don’t need to worry about any paperwork either.

Environment friendly scrap auto recycling

The team at Auto Wreckers is fully experienced and certified to process the vehicle recycling in a legal way. Never forget to check the terms and conditions with the senior staff before making a deal with them.

Second Hand Car Parts on cheap prices

Looking for the car parts through the lower north island? You will never get better deals than Kiwi Auto Spare Parts – they have got the massive inventory of used auto parts and selling with limited warranty.
If you are living out of the lower North Island and wanted an auto spares part at your door, then meet the nationwide used car parts company who offer a massive range of auto spare parts at Auckland and NZ nationwide.

Pros and Cons of buying salvaged trucks and other commercial vehicles

Searching for the used or second hand trucks in Auckland? Salvage yards could be the best option for you unless you do not care about the costs and resale value of the vehicle. The majority of vehicles in salvage yards is totalled by the insurance companies because to avoid obligation that the maintenance costs were higher than the total truck value. The reason could be different as well, the vehicle could be damaged or accidental when sold to the Wrecking companies. In any case, salvage yards look at the vehicle and reinstate into the better position so that it can be sold again.


Browsing of Truck Wreckers Auckland could give you thousands of results as a provider, however, only few nationwide scrap providers could give you the best deal. Just browse for the local, reliable and responsive Truck Wreckers NZ Company who can offer you the quality trucks or light commercial vehicles. Better to get the price from a couple of local auto wreckers in your region and compare the deals, also it is always better to check the vehicle with your regular mechanic or workshops you deal with regularly.

However, in any case, there are some pros and cons of buying the used trucks:

Pros of buying the second hand truck

  • Bargained Cost

    – The most significant and beneficial factor is cost. You can certainly save a thousand dollars to get the cheapest or bargained cost in the used truck or other vehicles. Not only for the used vehicles, should you get the bargained deals on the used auto parts as well. Check out “Can I get the bargain deal on replacing the car parts?” If you have been involved in the mishap then you can get the salvaged vehicle in better price than the getting the maintenance done to your vehicle.

  • Great Shape

    – Reinstated or refurbished vehicle must be in good shape when buying from the salvage yards. More or less, there can be possibility when you get the bad exterior because wrecking yard mechanics are experts and know how to make the look of vehicle good.

Cons of buying the used truck

  • Non fixable damages –

    Getting the deal of buying the salvaged vehicle is great of course, but there are a few reasons from which you must stay away out of it. If the vehicle’s frame was damaged then it is a non-fixable thing and can never be approved during the vehicle inspection which is a shame. Another bad thing is the title of the scrap yards vehicle. You cannot expect the similar resale value of that vehicle as the regular vehicle.

  • Insurance issues –

    If you buy the vehicle with a salvaged title, then insurance companies will ignore to giving your vehicle insurance. Some companies can offer, however, then coverage cost would be not same as the regular vehicle. If you do not care about the full insurance of vehicle then you can go for that, but never forget to get the third party insurance.

Overall, it is up to your personal interest. However, buying the second hand truck parts in Auckland is the best and smart idea.

Five Car Parts That Can Be Recycled

Vehicle maintenance is an inescapable fact of life for every car. A lot of this damage fixing involves the replacing of car parts that have stopped serving their purpose due to wear and tear. The usual suspects that qualify for this include the batteries, the tyres and so forth. This, of course, is a good thing. You want your vehicle to be running optimally at all times so that you can extend its overall lifespan.


The next phase in the life cycle of the part that got replaced is recycling. For example, the very materials that go into the manufacture of these components can come from the melted down remains of other components. The following is five things in a car that need to be recycled at some point if a clean green environment is our collective goal.

The Car Battery

Batteries a jam-packed with materials that are toxic to the environment, like lead acid. Fortunately, they are incredibly easy to recycle. They certainly don’t belong in a landfill. There are companies who make a living out of recycling automobile batteries, and there are plenty of scrap yards who recycle car batteries as well.


Over half of your average automobile is made of steel. All of it can be melted down and subsequently used to make anything that is made of steel. Classic recycling. Scrap Metal yards are in the business of receiving massive amounts of steel and recycling it. It is of great benefit to the environment, and if you sell your car to a Perth Auto Wreckers who will make sure to then sell the steel to a scrap metal yard you will also be helping yourself to get cash.


Rubber is an extremely useful material, but it’s not useful sitting in a landfill, and they are non-biodegradable. There are plenty of ways that the rubber material that a tyre is constructed with can go on to have a second life, often as crumb rubber. This has many uses, one being as a cheap filler, and can also be used to make rubber asphalt and shoe products.

Oil Filters

A sure fire way for adding pollution to the environment involves throwing away oil filters, due to the toxins that are in the oil that goes through them. The metal that they are made of can be recycled easily, as can the residual oil that they have in them. Find your nearest metal recycler and bring the oil filter with you so you can give it to them in the grand tradition of oil filter recycling.


Last but certainly not least in our wee collection of recyclable components is the oil. Motor oil has a lifespan of about three months. Synthetic oil gets slightly more, but it’s more expensive. This means that the vehicle you rely on for transport goes through a fair bit of the stuff through the years. It gets recycled when you have it changed professionally, so you need not worry too much.

The environment is still a hot button issue these days, but there is hope that people will collectively turn things around and steer us all onto a path that will benefit our children and their children as well. Recycling is an important element in that equation. This is especially true with auto recycling.

Top Auto Wrecking Companies in Australia

Auto Wrecking & Recycling has become the most thriving industry in the Aussies market now a days. The companies involved into the process, has become more advanced with their technologies and strategies.

You should be able to find thousands of Auto Wreckers through Australia, however, only limited number of companies has proven them with positive results and high appreciation.

As an Automotive Blogger with more than 20 years of experience, I would like to list out few Auto Wrecking companies who got the more than 95% of customer satisfaction record and their Auto Removal Services are free of charge:

Ali Wreckers – Auto Wreckers Melbourne, VIC

If you are living anywhere in Victoria and planning to hire the best auto dismantlers in Melbourne, Sunshine, Dandenong, Burwood, Endeavour hills, Frankston, Werribee, Narre Warren, St Kilda, Cranbourne, Doncaster, Noble Park, Melton, Ferntree Gully, Ringwood, Clayton, Berwick, Mornington and Springvale or other suburbs in VIC, feel free to get in touch with Ali Wreckers – leading Auto Wreckers in Melbourne and an immediate suburbs.


Qld Wreckers – Auto Wreckers Brisbane, Qld

Looking for the top Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers in Queensland? You can never ignore the top notch auto removal and wrecking services offered by Qld Wreckers. Smart people who give you accurate estimation and top cash for cars.

No matter, if you are planning to sell your junk, scrap, old, broken or damages cars. Qld Wreckers can help you through the whole process in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast or any suburb in QLD. Number one Cash for Cars Brisbane company for sure.

Wreck it – Auto Wreckers Perth, WA

Hunting around the Auto Recyclers through Western Australia and not sure to whom to hire to remove you old vehicle? Get in touch with “Wreckit” – Car Removal Perth Company who offer free auto removal and maximum cash for cars through WA.

Perth Auto Wreckers are not limited to removing the cars, you can remove the trucks, vans, 4x4s and SUV’s as well. No matter what, you will get the best deal for your junk vehicle for sure.


Adelaide Wreckers – Auto Wreckers Adelaide, SA

Let’s talk about the South Australia finally. Self-explanatory by name – Adelaide Wreckers – Truck, Van, 4×4’s & Jeep Wreckers in Adelaide.

Top notch Auto Disposal and dismantling services. Feel free to inquire for the used or second hand car parts – you never get the cheaper prices better.


Always keep in mind that these companies are not limited to buy the junk vehicles. They buy or sell the old cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s and Utes for the best price and offer the free car pickup from your location.

When to replace a car battery

In order to run at all, cars need a constant source of energy. Some of that energy is supplied by the ever trusty car battery. Unfortunately, much like all energy sources, there is a finite amount of it. Even the Sun is expected to eventually run out of juice. But while the Sun has billions of years left, your car battery isn’t so lucky. The life expectancy is about 1 to 4 years, depending on how often you use it. Counter intuitively, the more one uses it, the longer it lasts, so driving daily is important in getting the most out of it.

Old Battery

Either way, though, the battery is going to run out one day. But before it runs completely dry, there will be tell-tale signs to look out for. For instance, you might be preparing to drive somewhere to buy cheap tyres in Auckland one day and notice, while starting the motor, that it is sluggish in turning over your engine. This will be occurring even if the battery is fully charged.

Another warning sign to consider carefully is seeing that the little light saying “check engine” is appearing. It can very well be a sign that your car battery is reaching the end of its glorious car powering life, and it’s time to head to car buyers in Auckland to get a used which is in good condition or new one.

If you are experiencing these warning signs, then it’s time to take the whole car to a mechanic. Ask the mechanic to check it, and the mechanic will also check the vehicle recharging system.

There are ways to maintain your car battery. Cleaning the terminals with a wire brush and a little water will stop corrosion occurring. Corrosion creates electrical resistance. Also make sure to clean the battery surface. Another important way to keep the battery in top condition is to regularly drive the car so that the battery stays charged.

Of course, as stated above in the first paragraph, nothing can stop the eventual death of any battery, at least until technology solves this problem, but now you will be equipped with the knowledge to deal with this problem when it comes.